Alejandro “Darikiking” Juaranchi

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Speaker at Shamans Confederation

Maestros at Centro Wanamey

Interviews from the Forest

Shamans (Maestros) were asked:

What is your message from the forest to the world at large?

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Shamans Confederation Project

The Shamans Confederation project was first inspired by Alejandro Darikiking Juaranchi of the Huachipayri. Alejandro's vision was to build an ethnic teaching center to preserve the teachings of the Huachypayri. He created a small native ceremonial center (Centro Wanamey) in the Philcopata area.

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In May 2000 the Shamans met at Centro Wanamey to welcome new members and discuss future plans. The expanded Confederation includes the Diamante, Shintuya, Machigenga and Huachipayri tribes.

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Shamans Garden Project

Shamans Garden Project, Philcopata Manu Biosphere, Peru. This project developed by Pro-Naturaleza and Living Bridges Foundation, is currently being conducted and funded by Tropical Rainforest Coalition (TRC) with on-going participation of Living Bridges Foundation in on-site visitation and consultation...Read about the Gardens >>

Updated: July 19, 2004


Centro Wanamey's new buildings

Traditional Medicine & Amazon Spirituality Project

During the month of May 2001, Living Bridges funded a project offered by CECUWA, Cultural Center Wanamey..continued >>

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